About Stick-It.us

OK, here is the straight skinny on who we are, why we are, where we come from, what we are, and what we stand for!

What is Stick-It?

Stick-It is a pure 100% plant based Body Stick designed with the athlete in mind. Stick-It's unique formula is a blend of some of natures best plant ingredients used to nourish, soothe, and protect. Stick-It is so gentle you can use for 100% of your skin. Basically you can Stick-It where ever you want it to.

  • You want a fantastic effective 100% natural deodorant; Stick-It.
  • You want something to smooth on and help defend against chafing; Stick-It.
  • You want to protect yourself from friction blisters; Stick-It
  • You want to nourish your dry cracked skin: Stick-It
  • Stick-It where you need it!

We've even had customers use it to make their tattoos shine and the colors pop. Another used it on her hair to prevent “fly aways”. Now that is creative! What uses can you come up with? Just remember that Stick-It is designed for external use only.

Who is Stick-It?

Our founder and the creator of the Stick-It 100% Body Stick was a former Marathon runner who hung up the running shoes to launch a company, assist in getting another on its legs,  and help start a non-profit that serves to educate.  When the dust settled from all that construction, it was time to do what so many had been asking for, for so long. Which brings us to the next question.

In case you are wondering, Stick-It.us is a US based company and all of our 100% Body Sticks are hand made in small batches in the USA.

Why Stick-It?

We finally gave in to customer demands.

For years we dug in and refused to make a deodorant. With all of the amazing skin care in the full line of products, why create one more?! Seriously! After all you can use any number of the products together or a-part and have a pretty effective deodorizing effect.  That seemed to help a great many for a good while. But, our customers are wonderful and they never let us forget so we continued to get the question; “Have you made a deodorant yet?”

We said Uncle and gave in. But we had our criteria first.

  1. It had to be 100% plant based (we'll explain why later on)
  2. It had to be used for more than one thing. Single use products are wasteful so why not have one thing that can do several jobs. (Think about the Swiss Army Knife or Duct Tape)

So we went to the drawing board to design a truly unique product we could be proud of. One that would meet our customers' needs and fill our criteria.

Where did Stick-It come from?

From years of experience, a love of sports, and a deep appreciation of the athlete in all of us.

For many years, our founder had been perfecting and delivering a wide range of natural formulations to the market. But we wanted to create a product from an athlete's perspective. It had to do more than one thing, be easy to use, serve more than one purpose, and be easy to carry with you.

As any athlete in any sport would know, when you play you pay with sweat and skin. So we took some of our favorite raw ingredients that had a reputation to be effective in soothing, protecting, and nourishing; rolled them in to one formulation you could stick anywhere you need it.  Think about 18 mile training runs. All you have is a running belt and maybe a water pack. You suddenly need something to nourish soothe protect or scent you. What wouldn't you give to have a 100% natural body stick in your pocket!

What does Stick-It stand for?

The origin of the name comes from a couple of places. 1) It was from our original objective for a product. Something you could use anywhere on your body. 2 ) It happens to have meaning in a few athletic circles. Loosely translated it means perfect form and often in place of obstacles. .

We believe there is an athlete inside each one of us, all we need is a space to play. So we pledge 10% of the profits from Stick-It.us sales to supporting the preservation of green spaces and recreation places for everyone.

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