What does it mean to X-Cel-R-8 (accelerate)

The icon behind the text is a real image of the neural network of the human brain and brain stem. My intention when I designed this was to inspire and remind you that you can achieve when you accelerate your mind. Anything is possible and you can excel as long as you focus on accelerating your mind.

If you listen to the account of any high achieving individual you will hear a similar background story. It doesn't matter what the achievement, business, performance art, sports, education, politics, all achievers share a parallel experience. At some point they realized the power of mind over matter. They knew their breakthrough depended on them becoming the master of their own mind.

The battle usually starts when you decide to do more or be more. When you decide that sitting still or being complacent is not enough for you. When you decided to set yourself apart and reach your full potential you begin to buck the status quo in yourself the battle lines are drawn.

The mental battle lines are between what you desire and what you believe.

Look around you at the high achievers, the ones we aspire to be. Chances are they weren't born into privilege. Opportunities weren't laid out before them. They didn't have magic powers. There was no innate ability that they were endowed with. In fact, chances are the opposite is true.  Chances are they had challenges they had to rise above, personal sacrifices they had to make, internal battles they had to triumph over.

Sure, hard work and sacrifice can get you places, but to really excel in life you need to master the mind first an foremost. There is a strong connection between believing and achieving. So much so that a common practice of high achievers is meditation or mantra repetition. These practices train your mind to believe because if you can see yourself achieving and you believe you can do it, your body has no choice but to follow along and make it happen.


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