Where does the scent come from?

For skin care products scent can come from a couple of sources, some natural and some not. You would think detecting which is which should be easy and straight forward, but it isn't. You would think the label that has Fragrance would always mean synthetic or...

Organic Arrowroot

One of the key active ingredients in our 100% Body Stick is Organic Arrowroot. So what is it and why is it even there. First, let me clarify what “active” ingredient means. It means that the ingredient serves a purpose other than filler or carrier. Take...

100% Natural, Is it?

How is natural defined in skin care? Turns out there is no governing rule that sets a mutually agreed upon definition of what natural means and this is why there is debate about the use of the word. Some may think that it's okay to claim natural when you use a...
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