Yes, but don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

We heard the pleas from our customers. Can there really be a natural deodorant out there that works without causing irritation? The answer is; Yes, yes there is now Stick-It!

It's one thing to design and develop in the studio and play around with ingredients, but you can't operate in a vacuum. So once we had our final formulation, we put it through our internal Alpha phase testing. Once it passed our quality checks and fulfilled our expectations it was time to take it to the next level, Beta Testing. For this, we called in the experts; volunteers like you. We had a team of athletes and professionals from a full spectrum of disciplines put the product through its paces and, like any true athlete, they showed no mercy and pushed it hard. 100%

Here are a few comments they shared after a few weeks of use:

” I was surprised by how effective it was with the body odor. I tend to get stinky….”

” My workouts are generally 2 – 3 hours of an excessive amount of sweating, the deodorant held tough throughout the day.”

” …worked for me all day. I am stinky (and my friends aren't afraid to tell me), and when I didn't have to reapply I was thrilled!!!!”

“The Burly Spice is the best. Smells manly but not too strong'”

” it went on smoothly and the scent lasted all day”

“… it does not bother my skin. I have many sensitivities.”

“… it definitely helps keep my feet soft.”

”  I use the lavender on my super dry elbows and it helps it a lot! I also love the scent”

“It goes on smoothly and lasted all day. I work in heavy construction all day so I sweat a lot. There was some odor by the time I got home, but not bad at all.”

” Also smells great in an office setting, intimate, private, … and lifts my mood all day.”

“I love the Lemon-Ginger! It's the one that worked the best for me. I was amazed it lasted me the whole day from my morning workout through my busy work day!!”

So the real question on your mind is; Will it work for you? That's a fair question to ask. We stand behind our product and you've had the chance to see what others have had to say. The only way to know for sure, you'll have to take the leap and find out for yourself.


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