No we are not trying to be difficult here, but the word Hypoallergenic is really a made up thing. It was first used in the early 50's by a marketing firm wanting to introduce a brand to the market. The term was meant to convey that the product was less likely to cause irritation due to allergies. Less likely than the last product, less likely than their competitors product, less likely than what doesn't matter. The word marketed well and it had the desired effect: instant trust. Like putting MD or Dr. So-&-So or PhD in a product name or title. Since this is a marketing invented term there was no challenge testing or any other measurement to give the term scientific merit. There still isn't!

However, the term stuck (and it's still being used today)!

Then other manufacturers ran with it! You can see why. Most people think it's a higher quality and far more gentle product if it is labeled Hypoallergenic. With one word we imagine that the product must have been created in the most pristine lab with super sterile conditions and tested and measured against some imaginary criteria. There is no truth in this. There are no rules or standards or guidelines for using this term (unlike Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty Free). But what enterprising manufacturers realized, if they said it was hypoallergenic, we are willing to pay premium for it.

Truth is, with all of the allergies out there, there is no way anyone could ever predict if the product will not cause an allergic reaction on a person. Even more interesting is the fact that a good deal of the ingredients used in the products labeled hypoallergenic are used in products not labeled hypoallergenic.  And, just because it may have Hypoallergenic in the marketing, it does not mean that it is natural. We would like to not be cynical and we would like to believe that some people use the term in earnest. We would like to believe there are brands that have done serious scientific studies on the product before using the term. We just don't know and we don't know every brand out there using this term. The only helpful advice we can give you is; Read the ingredient label.

So is 100% natural Body Stick Hypoallergenic? Well………it is if you want it want to call it!


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