How is natural defined in skin care? Turns out there is no governing rule that sets a mutually agreed upon definition of what natural means and this is why there is debate about the use of the word. Some may think that it's okay to claim natural when you use a compound that is isolated from nature (like the Vitamin E or the Rosemary extract used as an antioxidant in Stick-It Body Sticks).

Others may not agree. Some may argue that there should be an acceptable percentage of non-natural, like in Organic classification where a product can be organic as long as greater than 95% of the ingredients are certified organic*.

We keep it simple here and this is how we define natural. It means those ingredients that occur naturally or are an organic isolated compound from nature. For example the extra Tochoperyl (Vitamine E) that we add to fight antioxidants is derived from soy. Same goes for the Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE) that gets extracted from the leaves of the rosemary plant.

Just keepin' it real, simple, and no B.S. So, back to the question, are the Stick-It Body sticks 100% natural? Yes. 100%

For us, we chose to formulate 100% natural plant based ingredients. We do that for a couple of reasons, one reason is because all of our ingredients have been used for centuries and have a long history of safety behind them. The second reason is because, in our opinion, it is better for you and the world around you. Less waste and less worry.

Think about it, for every product there is a byproduct. Like Newton's third Law, of physics which sates for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. If you create (extract) an oil from a seed, you will have waste. In this case, it's the organic waste of shell husks or seed solids that have no oil. But it's all bioorganic waste to deal with. Most of that you can repurpose into mulch and let it feed the soil. With some oils, there should/could be zero waste (think coconuts).

So how can you tell if your “natural” product is natural? Best advise we can give you is; Read the label list of ingredients.

*We explain the current rules per the USDA in another article. Yes, in the US, the USDA governs the Organic labels even for skin care. Will that change in the future? Probably! Any standard has lots of people vying for the right to be “the” certifying agent. There is a lot of money in standards certification and a lot of folks who want that money.

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