Organic Deoderant StickOne helps you smell better and one helps stop sweating, or at least slows it down drastically. Body Sticks are used for deodorizing but they won't stop you from sweating. One helps us live in close proximity in peace and harmony and one stops soppy pits.

deodorant works by fighting the bacteria that can cause offensive odors and by creating a scent barrier to block odor or at least mask it and ingredients that help defend against the bacteria that live there. This is where all natural deodorants have a disadvantage. The natural or organic derived compounds are not always as effective as a genetically engineered compounds or the synthesized ones. Obvious, I know. but a great many of us never stop to think about the little details. We do, 'cause we make the stuff.

Some natural deodorant companies use acidic or salts to help kill the bacteria. Problem with that is some people have really sensitive pits (and parts). So you gotta' be careful where you put it. Think about salt and acid for a minute and you can just imagine; Shave a pit or get a cut – forget it!

So when we formulated 100% Body Stick, we chose the more difficult path, we choose to use pure plant power. Only 100% unadulterated pure plant and essential oils. That is why you can stick it wherever you want. In fact, it may even soothe that freshly shaved arm pit. It might even help protect that little cut. The point is, we were out to make more than just a deodorant stick, ours had to do more or else why bother.

The antiperspirant works by blocking the pores and not allowing the skin to perspire. Imagine your skin is like a piece of layered sponge cake, each with their own function. Now imagine the top layer is a fondant. A fondant is like a solid sheet of “plastic” sugar applied to the outside to lock in the layers. Antiperspirants work like fondant on the skin.

Typically, manufacturers use aluminum salt compounds. The mechanics of it go something like this; you smear it on and as soon as your body sweats, the water reaches the surface and mixes with the compounds to create a goop to plug up the water works. That ‘aint natural. As if to add injury to insult they toss in synthesized scent to act as a deodorant. Two bangs for your buck!  The good news is that it only gums up the works for a limited time. The bad news is, those aluminum compounds are absorbed into the body. The even worse news is that those compounds are now being tied to brain diseases that show up later in life. Would you rather deal with a little sweat. or run the risk of losing your mind over it?

So even if they didn't use aluminum and they found another way to stop up the glands, would you really want to put a plug in nature? We get it, there is a fraction of the population that sweating is a real big issue, they will sweat buckets for no reason. If we had that problem what wouldn't we do to solve it. But for the majority of us, come on! What's a little sweat amongst friends just Stick-It so you don't stink!

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