Vegan Deoderant StickIt's true, in case you didn't notice, Stick-It's 100% Body Sticks are all Vegan Friendly and yes we are proud of it. So what does that mean for you and why should you even care and why did we bother creating a Vegan product?

If you are a Vegan, you already know why. For those of you who are not Vegan, that's okay. We aren't trying to convert you. You don't have to be Vegan to enjoy really great skin care. We can make Kick A$& skin care and not hurt a fly (literally)!  So why not use vegan standards?

So what makes a vegan product vegan? It means that there are no animal products of any kind in any of our formulations. So you won't find any animal by products like Emu oil, animal lard, or lanolin. It also means there is no testing on animals. This will satisfy the Cruelty Free, but with hard core vegans, the protection extends to insects as well. So you won't find insect by products either like Bees wax, honey,  Royal jelly, silk, or dyes made from insects.

With all of the amazing plant oils out there and all of the rich vitamins they have, there is no real need to use anything but plants. There is also never a need to harm an animal for body care, never. In fact you can make truly amazing products with using the right blends of pure botanical ingredients.

So why is it so important for us to be 100% plant based and Vegan? When you make a decision to create something amazing and you start on the journey, you have a lot of choices to make along the way. We want to make a product that has a positive impact on both the person using it and on the planet. It's a lofty ambition but we felt it was important to put the best foot forward. So we made the conscious choice to start out with a vegan product.

We aren't all Vegan at Stick-It, but we admire and respect what they are about. At the core, it's really about compassion and care for all living things. Plus, we like a good challenge and we like holding ourselves to a higher standard. So we figure if we can make the Vegan community happy then we just satisfied the toughest customer.  It's a little more challenging and sometimes a lot more expensive, but in the end it's worth it.

In addition, Vegan products tend to be kinder to the planet. Since our ingredients are grown there is less burden on natural resources. Since we are better than 97% organic, that also means no harmful chemicals are used at any step of the way (as well as a few other rules) so no toxins polluting the planet. The raw material we chose is easy to replenish, making Stick-It sustainable as well.

So do yourself and the planet a solid and try Vegan products.

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