Boy that's a huge topic and we're not sure anyone could ever answer that 100%. It all depends on several environmental and physical factors. Skin irritation could also be a symptom of something completely different than what you put on your skin. It could have to do with what is going on inside your body or with what you eat.

What we can say is that all of our Stick-It Body Stick products are made with 100% plant based ingredients.  The plant ingredients have a very long history of safe use without any known irritation. But if you have allergies that are set off by topical items, than make sure you check before you buy. We make sure to list all off the ingredients on the website and, of course, on the product label.  If you have allergies than you should have been tested by a licensed doctor and those tests tell you what you need to stay away from.

Many of our customers, as well as our founder, suffer from eczema and psoriasis in addition to having fine delicate skin. So when we create, we tend to keep those customers in mind. All of our formulations are created in balance with rich nourishing ingredients so that they will not irritate even those with sensitive skin. You will not find any acidics or alcohols in our products as these have been known to cause some irritation.  You also won't find any synthesized compounds (you know, those laboratory chemical concoctions) in any of our creations.

We just keep it real with a No B.S. product.

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