For the most part, Sticks are made with a combination of solid butter fats, viscous oils, and a wee bit of leaf wax. This is true of all of our sticks from lip to pit to toes. They share a significantly similar make up as well as other similarities.

The differences will be in the blends of oils and the amounts of each ingredient. After all, they don't all work the same parts of the body and sometimes you want a thicker coverage and sometimes you want more glide to your stick.

The sticks all seem softer in the heat and they can seem very stiff in the cold. That is how nature works. I mean, have you ever taken ice-cream and put it in the fridge? What happens? Then put it in the freezer and what happens? The cold makes everything hard.

So what does that mean for you and your stick in the cold temperatures. There is a simple solution to the problem. Like many of us, when you hold something (or someone) close to your body, they start to warm up from your body heat. Nature responds to natural temperature changes, obviously.

So if you've grabbed your stick and it's a little hard, all you need to do is hold it close to your skin for a few moments so it can warm up from your heat.

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