You can Stick-It anywhere you need to!

When we decided to give in to customer requests and make a natural deodorant stick, we had our own criteria.

  • It had to be 100% useful. You have to be able to use it for more than one application.
  • It had to be 100% natural. All plant based with no synthesized compounds.
  • It had to be 100% Vegan Friendly. Why Vegan? Why not.
  • It had to be Organic.

For Stick-It's Body Stick we combined some of our favorite ingredients to form a universal base that would work for any skin type and under a number of conditions.

Sure, you can use it as a deodorant, but you can use it for lots more. You can use it to help prevent chaffing, you could use it to help prevent blistering, you could use it to keep your feet smooth and supple, or you could use it to moisturize and nourish your skin. Heck we even have customers who use it on their body art. They tell us it feels fantastic and it makes the tattoo colors really stand out.  Someone told us they tried it on their hair to prevent fly a way's. Yes, in case you were wondering, it worked great.

One Body Stick to handle all your tough situations
Since the Stick-It formulation does not use acidic ingredients or salts, you should not experience burning sensations you may have gotten from other products. This is a great relief if you are in any form of athletic training. We all get minor irritations; scraps, nicks, blisters, chafes, etc when we train or play. In fact, if you don't pay with a little sweat and skin then you aren't trying hard enough! It's all a part of it and we get back to it the next day so that is why we made Stick-It gentle enough to apply even on sensitive skin.

The only restriction is that is formulated for external use only. And if you have a big ‘ole gash, your skin is hanging off, or you got a serious red hot irritation goin' on go get some medical help.


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