We sweat to chill. It's a very normal function and it's not something you should want to block from happening. You get hot, you need to cool off.

Why do you sweat by Stick-It.usThe mechanics are pretty simple and straight forward. The body senses it needs to cool and it activates glands to send out the water to the skins surface to aid in cooling. The surface water is evaporated into the environment and that vaporization action cools the skins surface.  As the body cools, the sweating slows then it eventually stops when the body senses it has cooled off enough. Of course it's not the only way we cool off as some heat is simply radiated and some is released through breathing, but the most noticeable action is obviously, the one we feel the most, sweat. We have two types of glands to thank for this defense mechanism: the eccrine ( thousands upon thousands of them all over our body) and apocrine (located mainly in your arm pits and groin area).

So what sets them off? They are activated by heat so anything that heats you up gets 'em going; exercise, stress, external temperatures, relative humidity, hormones, and even eating or drinking. (That's why eating spicy hot food can also trigger the glands to cool you off.)  Interesting to note is that the more fit you are the faster the response time. So when your sweat efficiency increases you can work out harder and for longer periods of time because you are better equipped to regulate your temperature. The best endurance athletes are so successful because of their ability to regulate. Regulate heat, heart, and lungs.

So why does it seem like some people sweat more than others? Because they do. There is no set formula as to how much a person should sweat. Your genetic make-up, your weight, and your fitness level all contribute to how much you sweat. But there are some who have overactive sweat glands and they suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. If you feel you are sweating way too much and for no apparent reason, then you should seek medical advice. There may be a need for medicinal intervention.

For the rest of us, sweat it out! We get it,no one “likes” the sticky feeling of a full on body sweat, but it will pass. Just chill, it's a normal function.


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